Richard TEMARAMA (Your Guide) 1
  • Child of the "land of men"

    "The French will say "I'm French", an American will say "I'm American", but a Marquesian will not say "I'm Marquesan", he will say:"I am a Man of the Land of Men (Henua Enana)..."
    (Lucien Kimitete)

    I am Richard TEMARAMA professional guide. Who can help you discover with my tours, a culture where the tattoo remains the identity of "the men" and where the youth learn the essential cultural values of songs, chants and dance under the watchful eye of the tiki.

Discovering tour 2
  • Visit of Taiohae village

    This tour (2-3 hours),
    will help you discover the administrative capital of the Marquesas,
    See evidence of the cultural transformation into modern times and its
    importance in our daily lives.

  • A detour to the horizon

    We will visit Taiohae village including historical sites, crafts center, the cathedral, different structures and the Marquesas museum of the Marquesan culture, artifacts from arrival period to modern (Musée Enana) of Rose Corser and also see the evolution of the cultural talents still in force today tottooing, carving, artistic creations.
    You will understand through this tour the harmony between the mode of life, culture and nature.

Evasion Circuit 3
  • Map of Nuku Hiva evasion tour Little dock of Taiohae Muake view point Taipivai view point Archeological site of Paeke Taipivai Hooumi beach Zoom Image

    Evasion circuit

    (Destination: Typee tribe)

    Excursion time: 1/2 day

    Description: -departure from Taiohae, we will go to the Eastern part of the island to the village of Taipivai.
    You will descover with this tour, magnificient landscapes.
    Richard Temarama, your guide, will reveal the history of his natal island, his cultural heritage, the plants and floral life of the inland.

  • Nuku Hiva and it's history

    At the start of the course, we go on the heights, to discover the geological origins of the island.
    You will evolve in a generous nature in fauna and flora particular its endemic and that your guide knows all the specimens and their characteristics.

  • Taipivai

    Meet the craftsmen

    A destination, we will go and meet the artisans (artists) local, that culture and nature, inexhaustible sources of inspiration before them.
    Wood, bone, stone, shells etc ... are the natural media to represent the iconographic symbols of strength, courage, luck, etc. .. transmitted by their ancestors, most commonly seen on the natives through their tattoos too

Adventure Circuit 4
  • Map of Nuku Hiva adventure tour View point of Muake View point of Taipivai Taipivai Archeological site (view 180°) Restaurant Yvonne Anaho Photos galery Zoom Image

    Adventure Circuit

    (archéological site and sacred banyan tree)

    Duration: Full day

    Description: -Trough Evasion circuit, we will go in the footsteps of the explorers of previous centuries, to go to Hatiheu bay .
    We cross cocotera, hills, tropical lost in the bush, decorated with authentic paepaes that nature, dense and thriving embellished.

  • Archeological site of Kamuihei

    To understand the Marquesan life before Europeans arrival

    The archaeological site of Kamuihei in the small village of Hatiheu is a history book open to teams of archaeologists, revealing to the same kind, the extraordinary evolution of a people lost in the middle of the ocean Pacific before the arrival of Western civilization.
    This site, very large, clearly structured according to the tribal living conditions and their religious and social organization.
    we can see how the tribes were able to exploit natural resources for their development and protection.

    Ipu Enana Site Looking (virtual view 180°)
  • From Hatiheu to Anaho

    Photos galerie

    HatiheuAt midday, we stop at the restaurant"Chez Yvonne", located in an idyllic setting on the bay front of Hatiheu bay for a lunch-break.
    You can eat local products (lobster, shrimp, breadfruit etc. ...).
    We will continue the day with a visit to the room to heritage Hatiheu. The findings Hatiheu museumand other archaeological treasures preserved there come together to trace the history of the evolution of the Marquesan people, their life and culture.

    Anaho beachThe finale (the end goal) of our tour is the bay of Anaho located on the north coast. On the path you follow will be discovered mangoes and pamplemousse to refresh your thirst while enroute gift of nature as a welcome gift.At the end of our hike (about one hour and half) we will arrive at the white sand beach of Anaho with a backdrop of coconut palms. Such images give one the idea of being embraced in a primitive paradise.
    Anaho beach The water blue and transparent very inviting after the long walk. It is refreshing but not for long as the temperature is 25°C (76°F) year-round.

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