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    Discover Marquesas how you like

    HakauiRichard Temarama offers various courses in collaboration with local partners, to introduce you to the Marquesan landscape in various ways:

    - Hiking: Depending on your level, we organize tours tailored to a half a day.

    - Horseback riding: Sabine, a Marquesan, offers courses for a few hours to several days of bivouac. You will discover, by this mode of tourism, the bush wild environment of choice for local hunters.

    - A visit to the waterfall Vaipo (1 day): We start this time by boat, to make us drop the Hakaui Bay, located in two bays Taiohae.Vaipo waterfall From there we move into the bush, crossing streams and discovering archaeological remains, memories of one of the most populous tribes of the island.
    We arrive finally at the foot of the waterfall (For height of 350m, it is also the 202nd waterfall in the world).

    It is fashionable to feel caver and swim to the flower base for discovering the magnificent spectacle of the work of erosion in the rock.

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